Earn up to a $7,500 bonus and make our Baptist team even stronger

The Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children’s Hospital, located within Baptist Women’s Hospital, is looking for RNs with applicable experience to staff our PICU and Ambulance/Transport departments. Eligible Baptist team members systemwide can earn up to $7,500 each for themselves and any eligible candidate they refer. Referral bonuses of up to $7,500 are dependent on your specialty area.

RN Referral Bonus Details


Both the referring employee and the new hire will receive a total of up to $7,500 (less applicable tax withholding) if the candidate is hired into a designated, full-time RN pediatric and/or emergency department position.

  • Both the new hire and the referring employee receive the first payment of up to $3,750 after the new hire successfully completes his/her initial 90 day introductory period.
  • Both the new hire and the referring employee receive the second payment of up to $3,750 after the new hire successfully completes 12 months of full-time employment.



What Candidates Must Do


  • Complete the employee application, including the “Referral Source” section. Please note, to receive the referral bonus, the referring employee’s name must appear in the “Referral Source” section of the application.
  • Apply for a full-time RN position within our pediatric and/or emergency departments.

Candidates not eligible for a bonus

Please note: If the candidate is not eligible for a bonus, the referring employee won’t receive a bonus either.  However, if a referring employee is ineligible for the bonus, the candidate can still be considered eligible.

  • RNs transferring from another Baptist entity, from one unit to another, or in a tuition deferral program.
  • Former Baptist Memorial Health Care employees with less than 6 months since employment separation.
  • RNs with less than one year of required pediatric and/or emergency department experience.
What Employees Must Do
  • Team members must refer candidates for full-time RN positions at the Baptist Women’s Hospital in the PICU & Ambulance (Transport) departments. PRN team members are not eligible.
  • Baptist must successfully hire the candidate.

Team members not eligible

  • Temporary agency staff.
  • Administrative staff.
  • Members of management (including head nurses and supervisors).
  • Members of the human resources department.

For more information, please call 901-227-4500, or visit baptistonline.org/PediatricRN